Hoyu is NO. 1* for hair color in Japan!

メンズビゲンカラーリンス+++ Men's Bigen Coloring Conditioner +++

  • Ash Black


    Bluish soft black

    Ash Black
  • Natural Black


    Soft black

    Natural Black

Content: 120g No. of Colors: 2

How to use


Squeeze out conditioner

After shampooing, dry your hair well with a towel, and wearing the gloves provided, squeeze an appropriate amount into your hand (For short hair, use the amount about the size of cap of this product).



Apply to your hair

Put enough amount on areas of gray hair.

  • Leave on for 3 minutes.



Rinse well, and dry hair well with an old towel which you do not mind getting stained.

※No need to shampoo again.

  • * If your hand or skin is stained, wash well using soap, etc. Even if the stain still remains, it will gradually come off in a few days.
  • * If used on bare hands, stains may remain on your hands and nails, depending on the type and condition of your skin.
  • * Use gloves to avoid staining your hands and nails.
  • * Apply a generous amount to the areas with gray hair standing out.
  • * Permed or colored hair, or parts with damaged hair may be colored too darkly. Ash or Natural Black may color stronger in bluish or purplish shades, and Dark Brown may color stronger in reddish or purplish shades.
  • * If you stop using this product, your hair color will gradually go back to the original color.