Hoyu is NO. 1* for hair color in Japan!

メンズビゲンワンプッシュ Men's Bigen One Push

  • 4 Light Brown

    For lighter brown color

    4 Light Brown
  • 5 Natural Brown

    For slightly lighter than natural hair color

    5 Natural Brown
  • 6 Dark Brown

    For deep brown-black color

    6 Dark Brown
  • 6A Ash Brown

    For cool brown-black with less reddish tone

    6A Ash Brown
  • 6S Natural Shadow

    For self hair coloring beginners

    6S Natural Shadow
  • 7 Natural Black

    For perfect pray coverage with natural black

    7 Natural Black

Content: 40g+40g No. of Colors: 6

How to use


Dispense the cream

Dispense the cream onto the brush.



Apply with the brush

Dispense the required amount of cream, apply from the area with the gray hair standing out, and then spread the cream evenly after applying onto the entire hair.

* For No.4, leave on for 15 minutes

  • Leave on for 5 minutes.



Rinse well, shampoo and finish with conditioner.